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Can I tow Vehicle parked in my driveway?

Tow Vehicle In Your Driveway – As a car owner or homeowner, nothing is more annoying than meeting a strange car parked in your driveway. It has been known to cause brawls and colossal arguments; this phenomenon is sadly one that has become almost a norm in our society today. Be it, neighbors or total strangers; there is no immunity against the simmering anger and problems that often arise to how well we handle such situations.

Towing is very much an option, seeing as it is your property and hence your right. There is further backing by the law, as the Florida Statutes 316.1945 clearly states that parking in front of a public or private driveway is strictly prohibited. Also, Florida law Chapter 715 says “The owner of real property may cause any vehicle parked on such property without permission to be removed by a (towing company) without liability for the costs.”

Below, however, are some ways we can address such scenarios with an ascending order of intensity and aggression:

  1. The Mr. Nice Guy routine
    This involves proceeding to the offender and politely request they move and not repeat the atrocity (emphasis on “politely”). This is a method which usually works, as most people try to reason like the humans they are. In the case of a stranger being the offender, it is advised you leave a note, preferably a short and POLITE one, explaining and requesting it doesn’t happen again.
    There are instances however where neighbors could consistently ignore such pleas and subtle warnings, and in such cases, other measures can be taken
  2. Signs and Cones
    The next recommended step is the use of stop signs and cones to mark out your area and protect your territory. Although a bit more strict and standoffish, this method tends to be effective for more aggressive transgressors, as it is usually enough to put them off. That notwithstanding, cases have arisen of the complete disregard for such warnings, thus resulting in more effective solutions
  3. The Legal Spy Cam
    Although considered to be extreme by some, using security cameras as a way of monitoring and gathering evidence against transgressors has proven to be a very result yielding method of deterring illegal parking in your driveway. Putting up signs to indicate the yard is under constant surveillance keeps them away, and as an added positive helps to deter theirs and vandals from harming your vehicle(s).
  4. Tow vehicle away
    This is a perfect solution for those persistent transgressors that ignore signs and warnings and even the security cameras. Simply place a call to a towing service and have them remove the obstructing vehicle. Ensure to have the offender’s car details such as plate numbers to help facilitate this move. When it dawns upon them what the price they’ll have to keep paying for using your driveway, they ought to take the quite obvious hint and Stay away.
  5. The Police is your Friend
    There is no such thing as too extreme, as you are allowed to call the police and higher authorities when cars are being parked in your driveway. The police can ticket such cars and have them towed. This is especially useful when the vehicle is not directly parked in your driveway but is just outside it hence preventing you from getting inside and going out. In such cases, you don’t have the option of calling a tow vehicle company directly, leaving the police as your best option.
  6. Your Gate, your Space
    This is arguably the best method to keep out your unwanted folks. There is literally no way access can be gained to your property with a gate and subordinate fence surrounding it. All you have to do to is further ensure it is locked at your convenience with a padlock. Problem solved.