Can I tow a car with no insurance?

Can I tow a car with no insurance?

Can I tow a car with no insurance?

Can I tow a car with no insurance? – There are several unanswered questions regarding towing of cars in the United States. In fact, there are endless controversies surrounding towing a car and insurance plan. In this article you will learn whether you can tow a car with no insurance or not.

Getting stuck with your car on the road side is not a good experience for car owners. However, when you find yourself in such situation, towing the car may be the only way out. Before a towing company tows your car, insurance is the first thing that often comes to mind.

As a rule, it is important to understand the insurance requirements for the towing vehicle as well as the vehicle being towed. An understanding of this requirement will enable you to do the right thing while hiring a towing service.

Generally, there are no insurance requirements for the vehicle being towed. So, the owner of such vehicle doesn’t need to insure it before towing it.
Insurance is however required for vehicle doing the towing itself. Therefore, whoever offers towing services business needs to subscribe for tow truck insurance plan.
There is high risk and liabilities in running a towing service business, but a tow truck insurance plan will always protect your business if unforeseen or misadventure happens. This is why subscribing to a tow truck insurance plan is highly necessary.

Most tow truck insurance plans cover four major areas namely; auto liability, medical payments insurance, physical damages and uninsured motorist insurance.
The Auto liability insurance is a plan that covers any damage that your company may cause to someone else. It could be damaging a vehicle that is being towed; an Auto liability insurance plan gets it cover.

Medical payments on the other hand cover the medical bills of your drivers or any other passenger in the vehicle.
Also, the uninsured motorist insurance will always protect you whenever a driver without enough insurance damages any of your towing vehicles.

Facts About Car Towing

  • It is illegal for the vehicle being towed to be on the move without insurance coverage
  • Unregistered vehicle can be towed to a new destination. In situation like this, the car has no license to operate on public road yet. Therefore, you can leave the car uninsured while it is being towed to a new destination.
  • You are only obligated to insure your car if you have started riding it and the car is licensed with the department of motor vehicle. However, not subscribing to car insurance is completely legal if you are not driving the car and yet to be licensed.
  • The insurance rules for cars in tow are completely different from those that are being driven.

From the foregoing, it can be deduced that you can tow a car with no insurance, especially if the car is not on the move. However, it is important for the towing vehicle to have insurance plan.